Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31, 2010

It's the night before my (hopefully) last chemo treatment and I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow...not gonna lie! BUT, I had an amazing week, so I guess that helps make up for it! :o)  A friend of my mother-in-law's decided to shave her head in support of a friend who is also battling breast cancer. Co-workers and friends all raised money for the American Cancer Society and they made a big event out of it. The "Pink Heals" tour came and was also a part of it, and that was really amazing! If you've never heard of them, they are a group of firefighters that have 4 pink fire trucks and they travel around the US in support of breast cancer survivors and their families. There are literally thousands of signatures on their trucks and they are the most amazing group of men you've ever met! I've got a link to some pictures (at the bottom of this post), but they really don't do them justice. They were all super nice and just very uplifting! If you want to check them out, their website is
Kristen (the lady that shaved her head) was also an amazing woman to get to meet. Anyone who would willingly shave their head bald just to support a friend is a pretty wonderful woman in my book! She works for Quintiles, which is a pretty large company, so there were tons of people there. Everyone was so nice, I couldn't believe it! I didn't know a single person there, but everyone stopped to talk to me and introduce themselves...I felt like I fit right in! Kudos to them for being such an amazing group of people!
Also this last weekend was the "Boobies and Beer" fundraising event that my friends in Springfield hosted. I am also posting a link to some pictures of that event (again, at the bottom of this post)...which I have to say, I am totally jealous that I wasn't able to go! They looked like they had such an awesome time! It really does make me feel good to know that even after all this time (it's been over 5 years since I've seen most of those folks) they are still just as wonderful and as caring as ever! How lucky am I to have such great friends, seriously?!
So back to the icky stuff for a I said earlier, I go tomorrow for my fourth chemo treatment. In the original plan, I was to do 4 treatments, then surgery (mastectomy on the right side along with lymph nodes), then radiation, then possibly 4 more rounds of chemo if further testing showed there were still some cancer cells. However, when I was there last time, the nurse told me that Dr. Burt had said that I was going to go ahead and do the 4 more chemo treatments immediately. Well, needless to say, I'm not real jacked up about this idea. I guess if there's a REALLY good reason, then I will do it, however I don't understand the thought process. I mean, if they are just going to whomp off the stupid thing anyway they why put my body through the extra trauma?! This last treatment kinda kicked my butt, so I'm thinking that after 4 MORE I'm pretty much gonna be a walking zombie...which doesn't really sound like my cup of tea. Anyway, my mom's going with me tomorrow and for those of you who don't know her...she's totally scary when she wants to be. I mean like "pee down your leg a little" kind of scary. So, if anyone can make sure this decision is the right thing to do, it's her! Totally glad she's on my side...I'm just sayin'. Anyway, I'll keep you all updated as to what decision is made, but in the meantime, please keep me in your prayers that I will not have to do more chemo!
Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween!
Pink Heals Tour


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  1. When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61:2

    May you find comfort, courage and strength as you trust in Jesus Christ. I continue to lift you and your family in prayer. Love you, Tash.