Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 9, 2010

OK, its hair is GONE! The last few days its been starting to come out more and more, and then last night it was just beyond was coming out by the handfuls and it was starting to clog my shower. Oh, and they forget to tell you that when your hair comes out it comes out EVERYWHERE....yep, you know where I mean! Let me tell you how big of a shocker that one was, lol!

Anyway, I had my revelation this morning when Jeremy was trying to be romantic and wake me up with kisses and he ended up spitting and choking on one of my hairballs. Totally gross and totally ruined the moment, I'm not gonna lie. So I cried and had my "poor me" time and then I decided that I wasn't going to let cancer get the best of me...not after all I've been thru. So I borrowed some hair clippers and told the Stepmunster to shave it off! If my hair's going to come out then by gosh its going to come out on MY terms. I'm still "shedding", but for some reason it doesn't bother me as much when it's short little hairs instead of my long hair. I'm guessing that I've got maybe a week until it all comes out and I'm bowling ball-bald...I figure it won't be so shocking if it does it gradually and from a buzz cut. So for now I'm rockin' the "GI-Jane" look! :o)


  1. Hello G.I. Jane! It's your attitude and outlook, not your hair, that makes you beautiful :-)

  2. Pen was right, you look good with your head shaved. Just remember it's only temporary. My sister-in-law's hair came back curly after her chemo. That could be a bonus:)

  3. I think you look hot! But then, I know how sexy those of us with shaved heads can look.