Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7, 2011

Well I'm ALMOST DONE with radiation! Today is my last "normal" treatment and then I've got 5 more "boost" treatments. The only difference is the boost treatment is only my scar and about an inch all the way around it as opposed to the entire chest, neck and upper back section they are doing now. They had to make a cast plate (just a big steel plate that they put in the radiation field so it blocks all the radiation except for my scar area) and they will have to line it up to me each time. So being as they are super high tech and all, I was quite surprised at the technique they will be using to line it up. They took a Sharpie (or kokie pen if you're Mike Schermoly) and drew a big kidney bean shaped outline around my scar! And every day they look at it and touch it up where needed...seriously! lol! I told they girls that if they were going to mark me up they better at least make it pretty! I've had blue and brown so far and I'm hoping for pink today! :o) The girl who did brown totally got fired from coloring duty...seriously, who paints with BROWN?! She tried to tell me it was "natural" and "earth tone" I said, she got fired.

The treatments really haven't been too bad...nothing like what I expected. I've got small little heat blisters all over my skin, and I'm really red (like a bad sunburn) and itchy. Just a few days ago I started getting the "phantom itch" and that has probably been the worst part. I get this super strong deep itch along the end of my scar (under my armpit) but since the skin is numb there when I scratch it I can't feel the itch never goes away! It's terrible! It's like when you are cooking and you have food all over your hands and then your nose starts to itch. I swear it's one of God's little pranks! :o)

I have been able to work all the way thru my treatments up until late last week. It just got to where I couldn't wear a bra anymore (because the pressure against the raw area got really painful) and I really didn't think anyone at work wanted to see me in all my shining glory, lol! :o)  Also, I get really tired...after about an hour of activity (even light activity) I feel like I need a nap, so that obviously wasn't working out too well with a work schedule. I'll be off for a few weeks and then I'll be back at it until my surgery.

Oh...and I almost forgot my exciting news...the horrible purple bumpy dinosaur is FINALLY gone!! Yippee!! For those of you who haven't read my previous posts (shame on you) the purple bumpy dinosaur is what I oh so lovingly named my port. I had it removed last week and I go this afternoon to get my stitches out.

My eyebrows and eyelashes have grown back (although my eyelashes aren't as long as they used to be...I'm hoping they are still growing) and my hair is coming back too. It's about as long as it was when I first shaved it before chemo, however it's not near as thick.'s a process, and I'm happy that I at least don't look like a bowling ball anymore! :o)