Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

It’s a new week and I’ve decided that this one is going to be MUCH better than the last! I’ve started feeling better and I’m only taking my anti-nausea pills a few times a day instead of constantly and Alex seems to be feeling a little better this morning.
For those of you that didn’t hear, we started the weekend off with my son Alex getting sick. He woke up Friday morning barfing and has been pretty hard at it for the last few days. I was quarantined from my house (couldn’t be around the germs) so I shacked up with my mom and Jeremy played Dr. Dad! My mom and grandma are going to watch him today b/c we don’t think he’s quite up to “daycare status”, but hopefully by tomorrow he will be able to get back to his normal routine.
I’m going to get my labs done this morning to find out my WBC count and to make sure everything is looking OK and then I’m off to work! Yep…you heard it…I’m going to work and I’m super excited! Really, I thought I’d never utter that sentence; however I’m really looking forward to getting out of the house and feeling important. I mean, not that deciding which pajama’s to wear isn’t important…we all gotta look cute when we’re hanging around the house…but I’m feeling the urge to alter websites or something else a little more rewarding! :o)


  1. Thanks for sharing your story. Praying for you.

  2. Alice posted a prayer request on our prayer loop at American Christian Fiction Writers and then added your blog address. After I read your info and started to read your journal, I wrote this to Alice and she requested I send it to you. You have touched my heart so deeply. You are in my prayers. In Prayer for you and your family, Cheri Horgan (

    Dear Alice, I tried to read her blog but I couldn't get through it. My heart is breaking for this beautiful young girl in the best part of her life having to face such a nightmare! Questions that will never be answered on this earth filled my mind and I wondered why God allows such pain to strike her down, when there are clearly other people in this world ready to go home and join him, or some that are too mean to other people to escape when Tasha is targeted. But that is something I will never know here. I am praying for her...and for her husband, her son, and her family who all love her so dearly. I pray for her closest friends as they stand helplessly by and watch. And I ask God to bind the evil one and keep him at a distance so far away he cannot interfere with God's plan for Tasha's life. I cry out for the souls of any of those who do not have an intimate relationship with the Father, to see God's hand at work in all of this and to receive God's love in return. I ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit that will put words in your mouth He wants them to hear, and give you an alert ear to hear the whispers he breathes into your soul to comfort and keep her encouraged to Believe. Please know I am standing beside you agreeing in prayer for a miracle that will give everyone a sensation of utter awe at the majesty of His work.
    In Jesus Blessed Name, Cheri

  3. Thank you Cheri and Kym, I appreciate your prayers! I will never know WHY this has happened to me, so all I can do is learn from it and make the best out of it. God says he will never give us more than we can handle, so he obviously thinks I'm one tough cookie! :o) I continue to work hard to prove him right, and hopefully my blog will spread the message to many, many women and allow them to learn from my experiences.